New Mexico Propane Price Gouging

An excerpt from the article reads: “The price of propane, which closely tracks the price of crude oil, also is down this heating season, falling from $2.69 per gallon to $2.24 per gallon in the last three weeks,
according to Jose Garcia, one of the managers of AAA Gas Service, a propane company.”

I have been curious why propane hasn’t gone down much in Angel Fire. I telephoned a propane provider in Las Vegas NM and their price is $1.99, but they don’t service Angel Fire. So if propane is $2.24 in Santa Fe and $1.99 in Las Vegas, why is propane in Angel Fire $2.44 – $2.99?

A couple months ago, there was a man in Taos who would daily stand at the corner of Hwy 585 & 68 with a sign ‘Gas in Santa Fe is $2.49. This is when gas in Taos was over $3.00. The Taos stations rather quickly lowered their gas prices. I wonder if something similar would bring propane prices down in Angel Fire, or what it would take to get local propane providers to give us a little relief.

Struggling resident