Spirit Lake, IA – Berkley Vanish Transition has been touted as hi-vis line ideal for fishing in clear water and when finesse fishing. But today’s major bass tournaments are seeing Berkley Vanish Transition being used by fishing pros known for using big fishing line and catching big fish such as Davy Hite, O.T. Fears and David Workman. Workman, of Ft. Worth, Texas, won the September EverStart Series Northern Division Tournament on New York’s Lake Champlain. His line was the new Berkley Vanish Transition. His technique was flipping a 4-inch watermelon with red glitter Power Bait Flippin Tube from Berkley into the thickest brush he could find in 8 to 12 feet of water. Not your conventional finesse fishing.

The four-day event found most of the tourney’s anglers seeking the great smallmouth bite, and Workman caught his share. But it was the bigger green fish not brown, that took him to the winner’s circle.

“I found my best fish in 8-foot and deeper water in thick mats of grass and heavy brush”, said Workman. “I had a great largemouth pattern for the week so I just stayed with it. I figured the last day I’d switch to smallmouth but the wind was too tough and my largemouth holes beckoned”.

“I did some Carolina rigging in practice using 20-pound Berkley Big Game with a foot or longer leader of 17-pound Berkley Vanish Transition. But during competition I caught over 50 fish during the four days of the tournament flipping with my Abu Garcia 4600C spooled with 20-pound Berkley Vanish Transition almost exclusively”.

Berkley Vanish Transition is such a popular item at sporting goods stores that finding replacement line has been difficult at times as stores reordered to restock their shelves. Workman was having the same problem. “I only had one spool of 20-pound Berkley Vanish Transition going into the tournament. As a result I used the same line without replacing it during the entire tournament. But I never lost a single fish and I was fishing some really tough areas with tight brush piles. On several occasions I was dragging fish over logs but my fishing line never failed me”.

berkley logoWorkman loves to flip into heavy cover with a tube or jig but this requires the ability to see the line and detect the slightest bites. “Watching my line for bites is the key but I’ve always had to strain to see my monofilament line. I’m sure I was missing bites. The gold color of Berkley Vanish Transition is so visible, no matter what the background. I now can see my line against the water, floating weed mats, timber, the sky, everywhere. Before I always had to strain to see my monofilament line. I’m sue I was missing bites and the best part of Berkley Transition is its clear underwater and virtually invisible to fish. A line that changes color – you gotta love it.” – Lake Mohave

– Lake Mohave