Dynamic Shallow Water Fishing – Lake Mohave

This is a bass fishing techniques video that is instructional for beginner to expert bass fishermen. Four of the top fundamental bass baits are introduced on this “how to” video.

Bill shows and explains secret tricks to rigging the jig, spinnerbait, crankbait, and wacky worm. He also demonstrates techniques on fishing each of the baits around shallow cover. Presentation, lure speed, form, and much more is shown on the video.

Bill Cannan is 28 years old and resides in Spring, Texas. He has been a licensed professional guide for nine years and also proven himself on the BassMaster Tournament Trail. His information stems from thousands of hours on the water guiding and tournament fishing. Anything you learn from Bill Cannan can be “taken to the bank” because his techniques are proven and reliable year in and year out.

The video is 58 minutes long and is a lifetime of information on shallow water bass fishing that every bass fisherman should know and utilize.

“The techniques that I show you in my video are timeless skills that are going to help you catch more fish.”

Bill Cannan

$24.95 plus $3.50 for shipping and handling
to order call Bill at (281) 681 8952 or email captbill@billcannan.com – Lake Mohave