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Fishing Sponsorship Information Achieves Milestone

FL, Jan. 29, 2006 – In the world of sportfishing tournament anglers,
intense competition begins weeks or months before competitors even make
their first casts. Faced with climbing entry fees, fuels costs, and
expense, many of tournament anglers are seeking sponsorship deals that
help defray costs and provide boats, vehicles, gear and tackle. Scott
Rauber’s informative manual, How To Get Sponsored for Fishing Tournaments, is helping many of them reach their goals. At noon today the 1,000th copy was purchased by an Indiana bass tournament angler.
– Lake Mohave

Russell Sproessig, heading into his 16th year of tournament fishing, purchased the eBook from the
Web site. Like 999 other anglers before him, Sproessig was seeking help
to line up sponsors for the upcoming season. He read a review on the
online fishing forum posted online by another angler and made the decision to purchase a copy for himself.

Labor Day weekend in 2003, the first copy of Rauber’s book, available
then only in the printed version, was sold on eBay. Initially, he
drastically discounted its price in order to generate interest. As
sales increased and the positive feedback mounted, Rauber developed a
Web site to handle sales. Shortly thereafter, How To Get Sponsored For Fishing Tournaments received an endorsement from Randy Howell, one of the hot, young bass fishing professionals on the Bassmaster tour.

Howells, “Every fisherman has spent lots of time, effort, and money to
become a better angler, but how many have invested in learning the
business side of fishing? To get sponsorship in the ever-increasing
world of great anglers, you have to set yourself apart.”

January of 2005, sales had passed 400, and with Randy Howell’s
influence, sales increased even faster. Today, the manual is available
in both a 14-page printed format and as an eBook, which is e-mailed to

One key to continued support, Rauber says, is to
do a good job in promoting the sponsors, and he recommends ways to gain
positive exposure for the companies that sponsor anglers.

questions posed to him by letter, e-mail, and radio show calls prompted
Rauber to follow the first books with a second volume, an e-book
entitled How To Get Sponsored For Fishing Tournaments – Volume II, available online now as an eBook.

can catch fish, but not everyone can market himself for sponsorship…
until now,” said Randy Howell. “Fish For Free Volume I gave a lot of
the basic things needed to get started. Volume II helps you take it to
the next level.”

About Biz Promo, LLC – In the
summer of 2003, tournament angler Scott Rauber, reflecting on the
hard-won but effective lessons that helped him gain his own sponsors,
identified a need among tournament anglers for a definitive guide on
how to gain sponsors. He has helped tournament anglers around the
globe, teaching them how to identify prospective sponsors, network and
build relationships, acquire funds, and effectively promote themselves
as well as their sponsors. For more information, contact Scott Rauber
at 727-733-8387

– Lake Mohave