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Free Fishing Sponsorship Seminar for Bassmaster Classic Attendees

Dunedin, FL, Jan. 2, 2007 – Many anglers fish for fun, but a few have discovered how to get paid for it, too! Aspiring professional anglers attending the 2007 Bassmaster Classic in Birmingham, Alabama will profit from a free seminar on Secrets to Successful Sponsorship, courtesy of Kistler Rods. Scott Rauber, internationally known author and sponsorship consultant, will coach anglers on how to become effective promoters and gain sponsors to support their fishing endeavors.
– Lake Mohave

Over $2.5 billion of advertising dollars are directed at American
anglers each year, urging them to buy fishing lures, fishing rods,
boats and other fishing-related products. While most of those dollars
still go into print and video advertisements, many companies are
following NASCAR’s lead and their logos increasingly adorn the caps,
shirts, vehicles and boat wraps of America’s top anglers.

titles on bookstore shelves provide sponsorship guidance to
organizations and athletes. Scott Rauber is one of a small handful that
focuses specifically on gaining advantage in the rapidly expanding
fishing sponsorship pond.

Author of both How To Get Sponsored For Fishing Tournaments volumes I and II, Rauber publishes The Sponsorship Newsletter, a free monthly e-newsletter that has become must-read for hundreds of prospective fishing prostaffers.

Howell, one of the top young bass fishing professionals on the
Bassmaster tour said, “Every fisherman has spent lots of time, effort,
and money to become a better angler, but how many have invested in
learning the business side of fishing? To get sponsorship in the
ever-increasing world of great anglers, you have to set yourself apart.”

free sponsorship seminar will educate attendees on sponsorship,
marketing and promoting techniques — not fishing tips. According to
Rauber, “All competitive anglers know that winning top-tier tournaments
is a sure-fire way to attract corporate sponsors. Well, that’s great
for 5% of tournament competitors who compete in the elite ranks, but
what can the remaining 95% do?”

Jimmy Johnson of McLeansville
applied Rauber’s advice and in one week picked up seven small
businesses as sponsors. He explained, “While I am not a big time pro
that you see on TV every week, I am benefiting just the same. I took a
few hours to solicit and was able to pick up sponsors for tackle,
clothing and marine equipment. Man, this is too easy!”


asserts businesses that sell to fishermen are more interested in
effective promotion than in fishing prowess. In this two-hour class he
will share his experiences in obtaining sponsors and will also teach
some of the marketing, advertising, and promoting skills he has used
over the past 18 years in his businesses, and that have helped hundreds
of anglers gain product donations and financial backers!

Rods will host the seminar on Saturday, February 24 at 7 P.M. at the
Tutwiler Hotel. Sign up for the free sponsorship seminar at . Participation is limited to the first 100 registrants.


Biz Promo, LLC – Tournament angler, sponsorship coach, and author Scott
Rauber, reflecting on the hard-won but effective lessons that gained
his own sponsors, helps tournament anglers land their own sponsors. He
has coached tournament anglers around the globe, teaching them how to
identify prospective sponsors, network and build relationships, acquire
funds, and effectively promote themselves as well as their sponsors.
For more information, contact Scott Rauber at 727-733-8387, or online
at and .

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