Water temps have been running in main lake 58-62deg. Water is clear. On north end of lake water temp has been 62-63deg. Water is muddy here except in far back. Bass are moving up in shallows to spawn. Been catching black bass up to 8lbs

– Lake Mohave

Took some guided trips…one boated 21lbs stringer. On another day 18lbs stringer. Bass fishing has been wonderful. Bass have been moving into back of creeks to spawn, such as Lake Paula, Caney Creek, Peach Creek, First Jungle, Weirs Creek, Gum Branch Creek, Little Lake Creek, Lewis Creek and Tucker Lake.

Fish are being caught on wacky, watermelon red and Christmas tree. Also on Texas rig tubes in watermelon red and watermelon candy. Brushhog and Texas rig lizards and black and blue jigs and Carolina rigs on humps and main lake points in 5-16 foot of water. On watermelon red flukes and plum old monster worms and lizards in watermelon red and black neon and junebug rd. Also on 1/2oz nickel spinner bait and white and chartreus with gold and silver willow leaf spinners. Bass fishing has really turned on. If you would like to have great time catching fish call. The bass are really moving in and the bite is on.

Lake Conroe Crappie
Took crappie fishing trip. The crappie have been in 2-25foot of water. Catching some deep and some shallow and the backs of creeks. One trip took 40 in, anywhere from 10 1/4 to 15″ slabs. Under bridges