Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service

Licensed Guide Clint Wright

Well, hello fellow fishermen and fisherwomen. This report is for Lake Fork, Texas July 23, 2006 until today Aug 01, 2006.

– Lake Mohave

Not too much new information for the Lake, other than the drought. The
lack of rain is making a few things sort of difficult on the Lake.
First, the boat ramps are getting shallow. Be careful when returning to
the bank after unloading. The shallow water comes out farther than
usual. I am using the 154 east public ramp with no problem. This is the
only ramp I can recommend you use. Second, the grass was coming up all
over the lake, but now that the lake has fallen so much and continues
to fall I think that it has stunted its growth. Third, there are stumps
in depths capable of tearing up your boat that under normal lake level
conditions would be several feet below the surface. TAKE IT SLOW FOR
NOW and only run on plane in the boat run!

On the
upside of the fallen water, I can say the fish will have less places to
hide, making them easier to catch. If you find grass, fish it! Since
there is not much, they are relating to the grass they can find.

The fishing has been great. Most of our fish are being caught after 5
p.m. The mornings and high sun part of the day is tuff for me right
now. I’m sure the fish are feeding all night and not getting hungry
again until dinnertime. Unfortunately, I cannot give much of a daytime
report as my numbers dropped today to 2 fish.

But, as
the evening approaches I am finding fish in areas that they should be.
I have been catching fish in 15 – 20 foot of water on brush piles and
in the timber after dark. The best bait has been a Texas rig Zoom brush
hog in red shad (dead sticking). This tactic has been great for the big

The night bite is starting at 10:00 p.m. and it
stops around 5:00 a.m. The numbers of big fish we have been catching at
night is unbelievable. The 10-inch worm around the grass at night is
doing its duty. The key is to find the deepest depth on any given
structure that is closest to any cover. Find your drop off and then
graph up shallow, find the grass then fish directly towards the drop.
That will be your sweet spot. If you have never fished at night or if
you do with out much success, give me a call. This is my specialty this
time of year! Some of my customers even want to learn how to correctly
navigate at night, that is a smart idea.

The schooling fish have came to a halt, I have not seen any all week.

If you have never fished at night for Bass at Lake Fork, you are really
missing out. I have been night fishing Lake Fork for over 20 years and
would like to show you this great lake after the sun goes down. The
full moon is on 9 Aug 06. I do still have 3 dates available around it.
I really enjoy night fishing this time of year, not as hot and most of
the time better fishing. We don’t have to fish as deep at night either,
most of the time.

The best tip I can give today is to
fish where you feel confident. Right now there is a deepwater bite and
a shallow water bite. So no matter your style, you can catch fish on
Lake Fork this month. Second, paint your bullet weights on your Texas
rig to match the lure your throwing. Take along nail polish in black,
green, red etc. You can touch the up after tying them on and it only
takes 30 seconds or so for them to dry. The paint will usually last you
that fishing trip. I am using a 1-ounce bullet weight on the Texas rig
with a 5/0 hook. This allows the bait to wonder farther into the brush
piles. It also allows you to cover water quickly. If you fish a spoon,
try one that is big. Let it fall straight down to the bottom and pull
up, repeat. Fish a spoon on light drag as you will not be fishing this
in brush (unless you just want to get rid of it). If you want to stock
up on Spoons, Plastics or terminal tackle see Don at Anglers Online in
Yantis, Texas. He is a super nice guy and has a large assortment of
tackle. Let him know Clint sent ya!

Folks, the
Berkley and McDonald’s tournaments are right around the corner, in
September. Now is the time to call and book your guide for
pre-tournament strategies and any other accommodations you will need. I
know that my service, along with the rooms and camping pads at Oak
Ridge are booking quickly. We will do everything we can to get you out
on the water and on the hot spots! These tournaments are worth fishing.
Both of them are giving away a few boats and a bunch of ca$h.

If you call me and I am booked on the day you want to fish, no worries,
there are a chosen few Guides I can call here on the Lake that I trust
completely to do just as good of a job as I would do. We will get you
out fishing!
If you find yourself planning a trip
to Lake Fork, give me a call at (903-342-3497 or 903-918-9469). I try
not to answer my phone while out with clients, so if I don’t answer
please leave a message (let me know what day or days you are
requesting), I will call you back.

I would like to
have the opportunity to fish with you and show you this wonderful Lake.
We will arrange the dates of your trip to fit as perfect as we can.

I still love my new Triton TR-21 X Series with a 225 Mercury Optimax.
This boat is set up with Lowrance electronics and a Motorguide 82lb.
trolling motor. Breelan at R&R Marine, (903-855-8585) Pittsburg TX,
is great. They also sell Legend boats, which in my opinion is a
smoother ride than my Triton. But, there are many positives on my
Triton that I enjoy too! If you are interested in buying a new boat
give me a call. I am a member of the R&R Marine Pro Staff and would
love to meet you at R&R Marine anytime to show you around these two
great boats. Test drives are available upon request. Also, my Nissan
Titan is working great. Louann at Peltier Nissan, (903-720-7786) Tyler
TX. is wonderful also. Tell her I said hello when you call her!

If you ever see me at the Lake, please stop by and say hi.

I welcome beginners, experts and children.

Good Luck and stay safe,

Guide Clint Wright


903-342-3497 or

New website is still under construction at this time.

– Lake Mohave