Lake Fork Fishing Report
July 10, 2006
Guide James Caldemeyer

– Lake Mohave

July is HOT here at Lake Fork! The heat of the
summer is here and the fishing heating up as well…If
you enjoy catching numbers of fish from deep water
structure as much as I do, now is the time to come.
I had the pleasure of fishing with David, and son,
Matt Holicek from Waco, Texas the day before last. I
lost count of all the fish we caught, with most fish
in the 4-5 pound category. David lost a moose! (About
8 lbs, Poor David) I had a GREAT time guys! Thanks…
Water Conditions have been good overall, but we
are in desperate need of rain. I think every storm in
this area has managed to pass us by these past couple
of weeks. Water level is about 3′ low and clear to 3
ft in most areas, with water temps at 85 degrees.
The deep bite has been relatively consistent, for
me, with most trips yielding 20-45 bass per day.
Fishing points, roadbeds, humps, ridges, and pond dams
in 20 to 32 feet of water have been key areas. The
best pattern for catching these deep water bruisers has
been the Carolina rig or a drop-shot. My Carolina rig
consists of a 1 oz weight, 3-5 foot leader, and a 2/0
offset shank hook. Best baits have been the Grande
Bass Mutant in Watermelon. Red, Green Pump. Or Pump.
Chartreuse. The 4″ Grande Twig in Chartreuse Pepper
has also produced well. Also, be on the look out for
Grande Bass’ Fry Bait to come out soon. We went out
yesterday and field tested the prototype and only had
a hand full of these baits. Within an hour or so, the
fish had worn them out! These baits are AWESOME!!
On the drop shot, I’ve been using a 2/0 drop hook
with a 1/2 oz weight and keeping it anywhere from 12″
to 36″ off the bottom, depending on where the fish are
holding in relation to the bottom. I am rigging it
with a Grande Bass Squirm Worm. Best colors have been
Watermelon Red, Pumpkin Chartreuse, or Merthiolate. When the
conditions are right, this technique can be deadly!
Schooling activity has also started on parts of
the lake and you’ll want to keep your spoons,
crank baits, top waters and swim baits close by if you
see these fish start pushing shad up in the area
you’re fishing.
If you are planning a trip or thinking of planning
a trip to Lake Fork this summer, don’t be discouraged
by the heat. Although the warm weather can be
uncomfortable, the fishing can be HOT as well!! If
you’re planning a trip to Lake Fork and would like to
book a trip with me, please feel free to contact me at
(903) 736-9888 or email me
I look forward to providing each of my clients with a
fishing experience that will last a lifetime!

Matthew 10:33 Jesus says, “But, whosoever shall deny
me before men, him will I also deny before my Father
which is in heaven.”

Tight Lines and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer
Licensed Lake Fork Guide – Lake Mohave