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Date of Report: 2006/05/30
Texas Fishing Report
Fishing Area: Lake Palestine
Mattern Guide Service
Hello Everybody,

said to Adam Who told thee that thou was naked.Sin entered in and Man
lost his covering of God’s presence. Through Faith In the finished
works of Jesus and His Blood we can recieve the covering again of God’s
powerful presence and a relationship with Him.

– Lake Mohave

Well what a great week this has been with great Clients and the Bite has picked up again.

know you can be where the Bass are but what you did last time or the
Baits you are used to fishing may not work though the Bass are still

Making some changes and being willing to try different
things has made more than one check for me durring tournaments or
helped me put my clients on fish.

Downsizing your baits can produce some Big Bass that would otherwise just sit and watch your offering go by.

topwaters by going to smaller poppers like Yellow Magics or Strike
King’s spitting King, and downsizing spinnerbaits to 1/4 ounce with 3/8
heads can be deadly.

Or rigging your plastic worms a little
different can be the difference from catching just a few to a fantastic
day. Wacky rigging your worms can produce where the Texas rigged worm
was refused in the same areas. Downsizing your worms from 6 to 4 inch.
If you know the Bass are there try to be versitle.

Clients boated Bass up to around 5.5 lbs. but saw at least 5 Bass over 6 lost in one way or the other.

sawe what looked like a 10lber. lost right at the boat. It waqs a
Monster Bass and I sure felt for Mr.. Hagar but the Lord was great and
a few minutes later He caught the Biggest Bass He had ever caught about
5 1/2 lbs.

His 3 Boys: Jack,Fritz, and Henry ages from 8-6-and
5. The Boys caught some Bass and well little Henry was busy eating
everyone elses snacks and when I would set the hook on a Bass He would
run up to the front of the boat and fight the Bass. It was something to

Bass were hitting senko type baits in bubble gum type
colors. When you come to Lake Palestine come armed with at least 15 lb.
mono. Bass were staying near channels and drop offs near 5 – 8 feet of
water. Water Temps are in the low 80’s. The bite is what I consider
Fair. But comming Overcast days should produce some fantastic Bass

May God Bless and if you want to book a trip just give
me a call at 903-478-2633 or 903-724-1203. Thanks Don Mattern Sr. with
Mattern Guide Service

Report Details

Fish Type: Largemouth Bass

Water Temperature: 77 to 85 deg F
Water Clarity: 1 foot
Water Depth: 5 to 10 ft

Bait and Tackle: Same

Report Submitted By: Capt. Don Mattern Sr.
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Marina or Inlet Name: The Villages Marina
Charter Biz Phone: 903-478-2633

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Pro Fishing Charter or Guide – Mattern Guide Service
– Lake Mohave