The World Wide Web now has several new “pages” to offer you surfers of the ‘net. Outdoor enthusiasts can find information on some of the best hunting and fishing in the world!

Pat McCarty, who has brought The Texas Sportsguide to the world through the Internet, has been spending quite a bit of time in Mexico and South America researching hunting and fishing opportunities. He has created several new Web pages to show the world the excellent hunting and fishing resources Mexico and Venezuela have to offer.

Mexico has often been overlooked as a getaway location except for the heavily trafficked resort cities. Some of the world’s most beautiful natural scenic resources can be found here in its pristine state. Mexico has something for everyone from its tropical rain forests, rugged mountains, lakes and streams to its scenic deserts and white sandy beaches. Mexico is a hunting and fishing paradise where you will find a lack of hunting or fishing pressure and many out-of-the-way dream destinations.

McCarty has created a Web page where outdoorsmen can find just what they’re looking for in Mexico from bass fishing, sal*****er fishing or fly-fishing to scuba diving to eco-logical tours or ruin exploration to bird hunting or deer hunting or even exotic game hunting. It’s called Adventures in Mexico and can be found at

One resort you will find through Adventures in Mexico is Mexico’s Laguna Vista. This is the site of the best waterfowl hunting resort in North America. Over 300 species of birds can be found here and can be spotted year-round. Hunting, Fishing, Birding and Eco-logical Tour packages are available at Laguna Vista. For a taste of the REAL Mexico, investigate the Laguna Vista Web site directly at

La Marina del Rio has long been recognized for its hunting and fishing resources and is now becoming a popular destination for birding and ecological tours. Newly discovered Aztec ruins close to the resort are also worth exploring.

La Marina del Rio offers world-class bass and sal*****er fishing, ecological tours, bird watching, Blue Rock Pigeon, dove, quail, duck, turkey and deer hunting. Information on each vacation package can be found directly at

Venezuela is a land forgotten by time with great adventures to offer the adventurer. Venezuela is by no means hum-drum. You have never seen forests so full of life or rivers so beautiful. Everything about Venezuela will be a new experience for you. Get ready for the adventure of your lifetime because you will never forget it.

All travel in the jungles of Venezuela is done by dugout canoe made locally and very sturdy. They provide a safe and easy method of transportation through the lush jungles and tropical beaches.

Image Builder’s Advertising, the Web page design company of McCarty’s, has created two new Web pages under the name of “Bass Adventures” to introduce the world to the natural resources of Venezuela.

Uraima Falls Camp is located on the banks of the La Paragua river deep in the Venezuelan jungle. Here, Payara fishing is the main attraction. Payara is a distinctive fish found in greater numbers in Venezuela than in any other place in the world. They are an aggressive fish and an average of seven will be caught in a day at this camp with an average weight of 17 lbs. per fish.

The jungles near the camp are full of wildlife and plantlife not to be seen anywhere else in the world. This promises to be the most interesting and adventurous experience of your life! Look for their Web page at

Pea***** Bay Lodge(see page 8) is located 100 miles downstream of the Uraima Falls Camp on the shores of Lake Guri. Combination tours of both camps are available.

Pea***** Bay Lodge is well-known by Venezuelans for its Pea***** Bass fishing. Knowledge of its fishing resources is just now becoming available to North America through Image Builder’s Web “Bass Adventures” pages.

The Pea***** Bass is a beautiful and powerful fish and the average angler can expect to land 10 to 20 of these per day. More information about Pea***** bass and other jungle adventures of Pea***** Bay Lodge can be found at*****/.

One other Image Builder’s Bass Adventures page that introduces the world to the exciting world of Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, can be found at, but that site is under construction at the present time. Check back with Image Builder’s soon, however, for information about the romantic Puerta Vallarta.

McCarty says of his Bass Adventures pages, “we will more than double our hunting and fishing lodges in Mexico and South America advertised on the Web in ’97.” These sensational hunting and fishing resorts mentioned here are still new and untouched by the masses, providing terrific opportunities for the outdoors enthusiast, whether it’s hunting, fishing, bird watching or ecological tours that interests you. – Lake Havasu

– Lake Havasu