The NEW 2019 version of Throttle will offer the same solid-as-a-rock Reel Engine Design™ unibody construction used to make the original Throttle one of fishing’s best built values, plus a new machined aluminum handle and a MaxCast II™ spool for longer smoother casts.

Using the most innovative production technology available, Throttle II’s hardy frame is the product of a whole new way to build a spinning reel in an all aluminum uni-body construction, versus a 2-part reel.

The design keeps all key components in one Reel Engine™, which leads to more precise alignment of the gears for a smoother more durable reel for just $59.

Packed with an impressive 11 bearings, Throttle II also features a Max Cast II designed spool originally found only on Quantum’s Performance Tuned reels. Max Cast II significantly reduces friction between the fishing line and the spool lip for longer smoother casts.

Anglers will also appreciate the new SureGrip™ rod handles on nine Throttle II combos. Each rod features IM8 high-modulus graphite with a no-slip, comfortable exposed blank reel seat for ultimate sensitivity. Combos range from $79.99 to $89.99.

Quantum Throttle II