You may have heard rumors about the merger between the Texas Association of Bass Clubs (TABC) and Texas Black Bass Unlimited (TBBU) recently. The truth of the matter is that the two organizations have combined interests in producing one bimonthly publication, to be called “Texas Bass Magazine.”

Back in 1996, Leonard Ranne, who then held the post of President of TBBU, first considered to combine efforts with the popular bass tournament association in producing a publication. The idea was shot down at that time, but a year later the new officers of TBBU determined the merge was possible.

Both groups bring a great deal to the bargaining table: TABC has a larger subscriber base for the new magazine and TABC has the advertisers for the new magazine. Both organizations would benefit from combining their similar interests and dollars into one publication. The two groups both felt that the merger would increase the quality of the magazine by reflecting the interests of both organizations in one publication. They feel that this will appeal to each subscriber base, advertisers and sponsors. They actually hope to increase sponsorships now that both organizations are working together on the magazine.

After much discussion, both TABC and TBBU met in Austin at the Texas Parks & Wildlife Expo to finalize all the minor details. It was agreed that the first publication of the new magazine would be the January, 1998, issue.

Outside of the magazine, each organization is still very much distinct with each having their own Board of Directors. “Each organization still retains its own identity,” says Ed Parten, the new President of TBBU. The Vice President and Editor of the new magazine is Mr. Pat McCarty. Lindy Ellason holds the post of Treasurer of TBBU and Sandy Muegge is the organization’s Secretary.

The new President of TABC is Bill Bales. The Vice President is Bob Ryon and Mary Ann Debenport serves as Secretary/Treasurer.

Ed Parten served as an officer of both bass organizations in 1996. According to Ed, input from members has been very positive about the merger. “I have not heard one complaint.”

“With our new editor, Pat McCarty, at the helm,” says Parten, “ I see nothin’ but bigger and better things on the horizon for our magazine.”

McCarty says in the January/February issue of the new joint publication, “TABC will bring a wealth of bass tournament activities to our publication.” He further describes the magazine as bringing readers “enhanced magazine content that will include, not only TABC events and activities, but expanded content of Texas Black Bass Unlimited’s fund raising event schedules and status reports on ongoing projects.”

Texas Parks & Wildlife will continue to be represented in the new publication with regular updates from Austin.

The new magazine will continue to feature professional bass fishermen like David Wharton, Kathy Majors and Tommy Martin. Familiar names of article writers will continue to appear, too, like Bill Cannan and Jim Binns.
This new magazine is very exciting for the fishing industry in Texas. Don’t miss an issue!

For membership information call TBBU at 1-888-588-8228, visit their website at or email For TABC call 214-569-6124, visit their website at or email . – Lake Havasu

– Lake Havasu