those of you who don’t live in California or Texas, a largemouth bass
over 10 pounds is rare. S&K Guide Service, a leader in new
technology has comprised an entire album of nothing but giant bass over
10 pounds and how they were caught.

– Lake Havasu

(PRWEB) July 18,
2005 — A largemouth bass over 10 pounds is pretty rare in most parts
of the United States unless you live in Florida, Texas, or California.

of these bass that are caught each year by the nations best big bass
hunters approach “World Record” proportions, missing the world record
that is currently worth more than 5 million dollars in cash and
endorsements, by only a few ounces!

There is a real art to
catching these bohemoth bass that exceed 15 pounds, and many times
these anglers cast all day long for several days without so much as one
strike. It can be a hard and frustrating job, and they deserve all the
credit they can get.

Some of the best at this are Long, Dixon,
Seimantle, and the legendary Bob Crupi and Don Iovino. There are of
course many others that catch giant bass as well, in fact, too many to
mention here.

If you want to learn how these bass are caught on
different tactics and view photos of all the true “Trophy” largemouth
bass, S&K Guide Service has compiled the pictures and information
for you to use.

S&K Trophy bass photos and articles are at the main site at or you can access all the information by going through the new portal done in “Flash” programming at

are truely giant bass, and it is worth the time to take a look if you
are really serious about the pursuit of big largemouth whether it is in
California or in Delaware.

Each week these tactics are discussed with some professional anglers and lure manufacturers as well on Anglers Radio located at

– Lake Havasu