On 8/2 the flow was 47cfs {State Line} and Rita landed a 22″ Cutbo in the Box that weighed about 6lbs. Water temps were 64-66* and it was cloudy with a light rain. The flows this Fall are lower than I have ever seen and altho fishing was great I am concerned about long term effects on the fish especially the Cutbos which are more sensitive to habitat changes.. Fishing remained great thru Oct and success didn’t seem to depend on pattern or method of fishing. We fished mostly D&D {dry and dropper} this Fall as low flows brought the better fish closer to the surface.Anglers who fished nymphs didn’t do any better and you can’t fish some of the smaller pocket water with those rigs. Fishing pressure was less than last year but still a problem. Croosing over to the west side was again a good idea. New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide Ed Adams